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Wealth planning at the intersection of what matters and what you can control.



We created the firm we’d want for our families.

Historically, the wealth management industry has been focused on selling products or investment performance rather than solving clients’ problems. For this reason, we are intentional about our approach to wealth planning, working to always act in the best interest of our clients.

We created Intersect Wealth Advisors so our advisors could provide objective advice. As fiduciaries, we take a family office approach to providing evidence-based investment solutions and comprehensive financial, tax and estate planning.

We have actively partnered with Mariner Platform Solutions to provide you with the expertise and vast range of resources and services.

Our Services

In-depth Financial Advice

Our comprehensive approach provides advanced planning strategies for investments, retirement, tax planning and preparation, cash flow, risk management and estate planning.

Evidence-Based Investment Management

We work with you to build and preserve wealth through an evidence-based investment approach that emphasizes diversification, low investment costs, and tax efficiency.

Total Balance Sheet Management

Our advice extends beyond investments. We’ll complete an in-depth review of your balance sheet including evaluating assets, liabilities and net worth while working to optimize investment returns and minimize liabilities and expenses.

The MPS advisor does not provide all services listed in this piece. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees.

Meet our Team

Brooks Bertsch


Eric May, CFP®, CPA


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Mariner Advisor Network

We offer total balance sheet management and evidence-based investment planning designed to protect and grow your assets.


We are fully supported by Mariner Advisor Network, built on Mariner Wealth Advisors’ proven, award-winning business model of offering wealth advisors access to in-house teams such as tax, insurance, estate planning, compliance and technology to expand client services and gain operational efficiencies.*


Intersect Wealth Advisors is a 100% employee-owned firm.

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